“I got it through an arrangement,” the man told the doctor with a scowl. “But it’s defective. It just lays there, giving me dirty looks. It barely does anything at all.”

The doctor appraised it. Wearing the too-short hospital gown, it had long black hair, dark exotically shaped eyes, and big breasts.

“It’s pretty,” the doctor said with a friendly smile, lending a hand to help it onto the examination table. “Does it talk?”

“No.” The man shook his head. “It’s dumb, I think.”

“I see.”

Gently, he placed his hand on its shoulder and pushed, encouraging it to lie on its back. When it was lying flat and he reached down to place its ankles in the stir-ups, it apprehensively tried to scooch away.

“No-no-no, Dear,” he reprimanded, easily snatching a slender ankle and snapping it into the restraints. “We need you still, so we can examine you.”

In response, the dark eyes glittered at him with resentment.

When he went to push up the gown, it tried to push his hands away.

“No,” he snapped firmly. “We need to see if anything’s wrong. If you get in the way, we’ll have no choice but to restrain your arms as well. Is that necessary?”

Though its bottom lip plumped out in dissention, its arms went to its sides.

“Thank you,” he smiled.

Peering between its legs, he was greeted with a thick, yet well-groomed, black bush. The two perfectly symmetrical pubis lips jutted out from beneath the thatch of hair were a healthy purple.

As he smoothed back the hair and pulled the lips apart to get a better look, he asked the owner, “What exactly does it do when you attempt to copulate with it?”

The man groaned. “When I first got it, it was practically feral. It spit and made unpleasant noises. It even scratched me, so I had to cut its nails back. After that, I bound its hands and feet. It didn’t like that very much.” He smiled meanly. “So, over time, it settled down.” The man ran an agitated sigh over the stubble of his head. “But mostly it just lies there and doesn’t do anything at all.”

“Does it make any sounds? Any indication of how it feels? Is it possible that intercourse causes it pain?”

“Sometimes it grunts or sighs.” The man looked down, embarrassed. “Once it yawned. But mostly nothing. I don’t think it works right.”

“How does it feel inside?”

“Alright, I guess. But it doesn’t get as squishy as I like.”

“There, there,” the doctor crooned spreading the soft black pubic hair back and gently peeling the lips apart. “It’s alright. Let’s see what you have going on down there, so we can help you.”

Beneath his fingers, he could feel how tense it was. To calm it, he pushed his finger into the soft thatch of hair to find the hooded nub. Though it was tiny, he found it and began to rub in gentle circles. When he did, he felt it jump and let out a surprised gasp. When he looked up, its dark eyes were looking down in confusion.


As he continued the examination and continued to rub the little nub, it grew harder, stiffer, and larger beneath his thumb. A longing mewl even escaped its lip.

“Do you prepare the area before you penetrate it?” he asked even though he already suspected the answer.

“Um. No,” the man stuttered defensively. “That wasn’t mentioned when I got it. Nor was it in the manual. I was made to believe it was coming to me fully functional. No step up required.”

“I see,” mumbled the doctor, running a calloused finger down the thickening lips where fluid was gathering around its breeding hole. “Sometimes it just needs a little help . . . makes it more agreeable. Some of them are more fickle than others.”

Though this one didn’t appear to be difficult at all. In fact, it was lubricating faster than most and showing all the signs of arousal. Quickening breath. Dilated pupils. Erect nipples. It seemed to be on its way to orgasm.

“Come over here, Mister Dodd,” the doctor nodded his head to the man. “I want to show you something.”

When the man was standing behind him, looking over his shoulder, he said. “You see how I’m rubbing this little gland with one hand? It prepares the area. You can also use your other hand to stroke and manipulate the outer and inner lips. Look how they darken in color and get slippery? These models respond very positively to external stimulation. They are self-lubricating. A little work before penetration goes a long way to produce that squishy feeling you mentioned.”

Underneath him, the thing undulated its hips, bit its bottom lip, and moaned.

The man’s brow furrowed. “I swear, Doc. It doesn’t work this way at home! It twists its lips like it ate something rotten and stays dry as a bone.”

The doctor laughed. “Like I said, some of them can be a little fickle.”

“Can I try?”

“Sure,” the doctor said removing his hand, but admittedly with regret. He liked the way this one responded, the way it looked, and the sounds it made. His feelings were unprofessional and left him feeling uncomfortable. He had an overwhelming urge to see how fast and how much he could make it orgasm. He found himself smugly liking that while its owner could not arouse it, *he* could.

When the man got between its legs, instinctively, it flinched. And while the stirrups held its legs apart, they shook with the exertion of trying to close. The man mashed his hand between the pubic lips and pushed a meaty finger into its breeding hole, moving roughly back and forth, causing it to let out a pained cry.

“See what I mean?” the man said with an aggravated puff. “It just clamps down and doesn’t let me in. It’s so frigid. There’s something wrong with it.”

Annoyed, the doctor huffed and pushed the man away. “Here. Just watch.”

Rubbing his hands together to make them warm, he placed them first on the thighs, caressing them. When he felt it begin to relax, he slid his hands down and massaged either side of its outer lips, moving them gently, but firmly, between his thumbs. When he moved on to rub the little nub, it let out a cry and gushed a half a teaspoon of liquid.

“You see, Mister Dodd, you don’t just stick your fingers in the breeding hole right away. You have to get it ready first. You have to relax it. If you forth a little effort before penetration, they respond favorably.”

To prove his point, he reached into his pocket, and showed the man a medium-sized plug. After squirting some lubrication on it, he addressed It. “I’m going to put this inside your anus. I want you to take a deep breath in as I do. Do you understand?”

Though its eyes widened with worry, it took a deep breath. Slowly, he slide the lubricated plug into the dark of its rosebud. It was a tight fit, and he felt it stiffen.

“It’s alright,” he assured. “Just keep breathing.” As it did as it was told, he pushed the plug in further until it was completely in. “I know it’s a little uncomfortable at first. But it builds a sensation of fullness that you will grow to enjoy the more you practice.” When the plug was snug and fully inserted, slowly he began to move it in and out. The thing let out a little animal noise of pleasure and writhed its sexy hips.

“See?” he told the man. “It wants things inside it. It’s what it’s made for. You just have to prep them a little.”

The creature’s cunt lips were so swollen and wet, he couldn’t keep his eyes off them. Needing to know what it felt like inside, he looked to the man, trying to keep a professional tone though his cock was hard as a rock.

“May I demonstrate?” he asked.

The man let out an Hmph, clearly not thrilled with the idea, but in the end shrugged his shoulders and said meanly, “Be my guest, Doc. But it’s a horrible fit. They must have sent me a used model.”

Cocking a skeptical eyebrow, the doctor unzipped his trousers, pulled down his boxers, and fisted his hard cock in his hand. The thing’s mouth parted as it watched him, its gaze sliding down to the hard cock he was gripping in its hand. He couldn’t help it. He stared into its dilated eyes, knowing his own were also dark with desire. It wanted him. He wanted It. He couldn’t wait to feel it from the inside. Slowly he slid himself between those thick wet folds, working his length into its channel. Both he and It gasped at the penetration. It was so sleek and so warm—such a snug fit. Everything an animal cunt should be. It was so beyond good, he let out an unprofessional groan as he pulled back and slid back in. Underneath him, the thing accepted and gripped his girth; its breasts heaving with arousal.


Trying to keep his voice steady and his thrusts even, he rasped, “Are you watching, Mister Dodd? Do you see how its accepting me?” When he said it, its walls begin to pulse around him like it was ready to release after just a few thrusts.

OhmotherfuckingGodinHeaven. Where did he get IT? I have to get myself one!

He liked the way it squeezed his cock so much, he couldn’t stop from putting his finger on the nub and rubbing it as he steadily pumped. It mewled and its hands reached up to touch its nipples as he pounded. So responsive. Reaching down, he thrust the plug in time to the thrusts of his cock. Beneath him, the response was immediate. It shook and gushed liquid that dripped down his balls. Though ejaculation wasn’t a part of standard exams, he couldn’t help it. His balls tightened and he shot his load inside it with a growl.

Wiping a bead of sweat from his brow, he looked at it beneath him. This man’s property wasn’t defective. It was perfect.

Next to him, the man shifted uncomfortably, reminding him they weren’t alone. His face was red with anger. “Well, of course, it has to take it when you have the legs restrained! But it won’t suck your cock, Doc! It wrinkles its nose and acts like it’s going to vomit!”

Though he didn’t want to pull out—it was so tight and warm–he did. Besides, he was curious now. Moving so he was standing next to its head, he gripped and examined it’s long, slender throat against his fingers. Though the eyes widened in surprise, it didn’t fight him. Pushing its head to the side and closer to the edge of the table, he held out his softening, but not completely unaroused cock. Rubbing the head against its plump lips, he told it, “Put it in your mouth.”

It opened immediately and took him.

Staring into its eyes, he asked the man behind it, “Do you hurt it?”

“What do you mean?”

Gripping it tighter around the throat, he raised his other hand and smacked it in the face. Though it flinched, it dutifully moved its lips up and down his shaft faster. There was the swirl of a tongue. What a good wet mouth it had. When his hand print began already showing on its cheek, he felt a sudden surge of possessiveness.

“I see it likes to be hit,” he muttered.

“I suppose. But it won’t swallow,” sneered the man. “It vomits instead. It doesn’t appear to like the taste. Thinks it’s too good for it or something.”

Looking into its dark eyes which were fixed on his, the doctor asked, “Do you think you’re too good for my seed? Nod your head if you think you have a say in the matter.”

It continued to look up at him, greedily sucking. Even trying to shift on the table to take him further down its throat.

“It wants it,” he told the man, not breaking eye contact. “I have no doubt of that.” Then he paused, “I don’t think it’s the right fit model for you, Mister Dodd. I suggest you send it back and get another one that better suits your needs.”

“But I don’t want to!” whined the man. “I like the way it looks! I just want it to do what I want!”

The doctor sighed, regretfully pulling his cock from the sweet suctioning mouth. As he did, it made a popping sound.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” said the doctor. “I’ve examined it. I can’t find a thing wrong with it. And I’ve examined hundreds of these models.”

“Well,” the man huffed. “Maybe I need to take it to another doctor who knows what he’s doing! Not some quack!”

The doctor let out another sigh. “Alright, alright. I have one more test. But I’ll need you to leave the room, Mister Dodd.”

Suspiciously, the man arched an eyebrow. “What are you going to do?”

“Please,” said the doctor patiently. “You have my word. It will be fine. I need to be alone with it.”

After the man left the room, he looked down at it lying back on the table, looking up at him nervously. Removing its ankles from the stirrups, he helped it sit up.

“I suppose you know how to speak?” he asked, closing and tying the gown over its breasts.


He smiled.

Shyly, it smiled back.

“Would you like me to tell Mister Dodd you are defective?”

Without hesitation, it nodded its head.

“I’ll come get you after the exchange is complete, and it will please you.”

It nodded.

“Good. It’s decided. Now bend over the table. I’m going to hurt you.”

It appeared to glow.

And did exactly as it was told.


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